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Caraballo Locksmith has been in business in South Florida since 1970. When their doors opened, Antonio Caraballo, Jr., was exactly 13 years old and has not stopped working at the shop since then. The Caraballo family has provided locksmith services for three generations. Before arriving here in Miami in 1961, Dimas Caraballo opened his Locksmith shop doors in Havens and trained his son, Antonio, to be one of the best locksmiths in Cuba. Shortly thereafter the son took over the business becoming the trustworthy locksmith of the Coca-Cola Corporation and the renown, Miramar Yatch Club and Casino Deportivo in Havana, Cuba.

The family left Cuba in 1961, moving to New York City where Antonio Caraballo, Sr. worked for the Jewish Hardware Store, B. Dulchin & Company, as their Locksmith Manager for nine years in order to save enough money to make his American dream come true: “To come to Miami and open his own shop just like he had in Cuba”. And that he did. Caraballo Sr. trained his son just like his father had done with him. And another third generation locksmith was bor. Unfortunately in 1982, Antonio Caraballo Sr. passed away from a sudden heart attack and his 24-year old son, Antonio Caraballo, Jr. took over the family business, opening another store a few years later. Today, Antonio Caraballo, Jr. must pass his knowledge to his younger brother, Omar, also working at the store and the future fourth generation locksmith. Their two stores and seven vans accommodate their customers as fast as possible, offering fast, guaranteed and reliable service, 24 hours a day.

Their vast clientele include: City of Miami, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, SunTrust Bank, Univision, Caldwell Banker, Cedars Hospital, USDA and U.S. Southern Command, among others. Antonio Caraballo, Jr. is also an active member of our Community serving as basketball and baseball coach for Little Havana Baseball Club, Boys & Girls Club, Coral Gables Youth Center, and sponsors Miami High Baseball team and the Children’s Home.

Master Key Systems

Changing and rekeying locks

Keyless entry system

High-security cylinders

Fast Lock Out Service

Window locks

Installation and repair of locks

Deadlocks and padlocks

We are very proud to be serving our local area for over 50 years!