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What can be more overwhelming than locking out of your car or home, especially at midnight? It is one of the most inconvenient, embarrassing, and sometimes dangerous situations on this planet. This is the time when you are already stressed out, looking for options for available high-security locksmiths. You are likely not as attentive to detail, and you usually would be when searching for service providers. This is where you miss certain red flags and get caught in the middle of a locksmith scam.  This happens very often, but be cautious, so it doesn’t happen to you.

How the Scam Makes You the Target

The locksmith scam begins with an ad for a company that never exists. Usually, there are many fake ads and websites for many companies. They are the products of an individual scammer or a shady company; however, it looks legitimate. They rank high on Google and keep the prices very low to attract maximum people and show they are real.

Once a person calls them, the second phase begins. The call forwards to the leading company where the operator will give you a low quote and a deal you can’t say no to. The third phase starts with the arrival of a fake locksmith at your place. Upon arrival, he will claim to discover problems and end up drilling it to make the situation worse, asking you to pay ten times the actual quote. This is how they make you end up with a much lighter wallet.

How to Figure Out a Locksmith Scam

Some vital things are consistent with locksmith scams and can be red flags for you:

  • The Ad Shows Lost Price Quotes

When an ad looks too good to be true and may have a picture of the actual business, the possibility is it is fake. When you reverse the picture, you can find the image is stolen from some legitimate business.

  • The Call is Indistinguishable

When you call, they don’t answer with a business name, instead of with just a locksmith or service. Also, they will tell you the very lowest price for the services. No locksmith will charge you such a meager cost, especially for emergency call outs.

  • Long Response Time

Most locksmith services boast of their fast services, and they are paid for the same too. But when a locksmith is taking too much time to reach you, you should be suspicious.

  • Appearance Issues

When a fake locksmith arrives, he might not be in proper uniform with a company logo or not have any id or license that shows he is employed as a locksmith. Chances are their vehicle will also not be marked.

  • Demands Cash

The fake locksmiths always ask you for cash. If you ask them to use credit cards, they will say a definite no. Because this way, they can be traced easily.

  • You are Unable to Make Contact After Service

Once the fake locksmith is done with charging you ten times more money, this is the last you will hear from him or the company. Following this, you won’t be able to contact them, or if you can, they will not respond appropriately.

Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scams

  • Always go for legitimate locksmith services. Do thorough research, ask your friends, or pen down the list of essential contacts beforehand.
  • Know the signs of the scam, and if you notice any, check them out.
  • Once they arrive, check for the ID, license, and the professional appearance of the locksmith in Miami.
  • Get estimates written by hand or on company letterheads.
  • Make sure to get a receipt after you pay.

To Wrap Up

The security of your home and family is in your hands.  You need to be attentive and careful enough to prevent yourself from being the victim of such locksmith scams.