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Mechanical vs electronic locks

There’s been tons of technological updates in the field of locksmithing over the last 10 years, and the technology is changing every day. Many mechanical standard locksets are being replaced by more modern electronic locks – however, mechanical locks offer a set of their own unique advantages, and many consumers are wondering what the advantages are of both lock types. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of mechanical and electronic locks, as compiled by the lock installation experts here at Caraballo Locksmith.

Mechanical Lock Pros

  • Reliable construction – tested over time since the 19th century.
  • Mechanical lock hardware lasts for years and years with no need for repair or maintenance.
  • Mechanical locks operate without electricity.
  • Mechanical locks are usually weatherproof depending on the installation setting.
  • Mechanical locks are easily operated by even the most unfamiliar layperson.

Mechanical Lock Cons

  • Mechanical lock technology has remained largely the same in recent decades.
  • When mechanical locks malfunction, they require professional help for repair.
  • When mechanical lock keys are copied by unauthorized people, your security can be at risk without you ever knowing.
  • Mechanical locks don’t tell you who opened them, and when.
  • When mechanical lock keys are lost or stolen, you will have to rekey every lock that the original key controls.

Electronic Lock Pros

  • Electronic locks provide added security with a wider variety of usable lock combinations.
  • You can easily change or add additional lock combinations.
  • You can easily work electronic locks in the dark.
  • Electronic locks can be weather resistant.
  • Ability to add, subtract, or switch specific access credentials between users.
  • Access monitoring ability – record logs are kept.
  • Consumers can usually self-service electronic locks.
  • Potential for integration with access control systems, intercoms, and CCTV security cameras.

Electronic Lock Cons

  • Electronic locks require battery or cable connection.
  • Power loss can result in locks being stuck.
  • People may require training to learn how to operate electronic locks.
  • Electronic lock batteries must be changed.
  • Additional electronic lock features may need to be originally implemented by electronic security / locksmith professionals.