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Here are some of our favorite Smart Locks of the future.

As technology advances security also tends to incorporate new ways of securing your home or automobile. With the emergence of the IOT, bluetooth and fingerprint scanning technology more companies are emerging with creative security solutions that connect to your phone. Allowing you to control your security system from anywhere in the world. Here is a list of some of the latest devices to help you secure your home.

Ultraloq UL1 by U-tec for Home

ultraloq security locksmith miami

The Ultraloq UL1 is a new locking system that offers 3 different ways to gain access to your home. You can use its one touch biometric keyless entree system, Key fob or Bluetooth enabled smart phone to lock and unlock the door. You can also monitor who enters and leaves your home. You can order your Ultraloq Smart Lock and once it arrives you can call your favorite Miami Locksmith and we’d be happy to install it for you and help get you started.

Ultraloq - Home Lock System

BitLock Smart Lock for Bikes

bitlock lock system

There’s no need to carry any extra keys for your bike lock. The world’s first smart bike lock is now available for pre-order. It allows you to lock and unlock your bicycle by just getting close with your Phone. Using the included app you can set the proximity you would like to allow for the unlocking and locking your bike. There is also a feature on the app that allows you to share your bike with certain people for a set time. So you can share your Bike with your neighbor for the weekend or even use it as a community service for the neighborhood.

Bitlock Smart Bike Lock System

August Smart Deadbolt Lock

august smart deadbolt lock miami

The August Smart Lock is a cool looking deadbolt lock that allows access to your home or business using your smart phone. You can just walk up to your door and the smart deadbolt lock automatically opens your door like magic. You can also allow your friends, family or anyone that comes by access by using the August app on your phone. Call one of our Miami Locksmiths and we would be happy to come by and help with installing your shiny new deadbolt lock.

August Smart Locks

Zmodo Pivot HD Security Solution

smart security locksmith miami

The Zmodo 1080p security system provides a cheap solution to secure your home. It has two window/door sensors that can alert you when someone comes in or out of your home or business. The Zmodo camera can also be setup to rotate to the area where the  window/door sensor was triggered. The 1080p camera is records high quality video and saves it on you the included 16gb storage. For $99 on Amazon you can get a decent security camera system for your home. If your looking for a professional camera system we also offer camera installation services.

Zmodo Smart Camera Security